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From its conception, we were determined to prove that artistic integrity and imagination could go hand in hand with safety and practicality. This has beenthe hallmark of The Pyroman Firework Co.’s displays and shows since. Whether it be a private party, large civic or business function – pyrotechnics remain an effective means of entertaining and an imaginative way of catching the public eye.

We offer a complete range of operator fired displays ranging from private functions such as weddings and private land international events. We pride ourselves in being able to offer the best value for money and have the ability to tailor any display to your own specific requirements. All our displays are priced to include pre-site inspection, labour, transport materials and public liability insurance with Lloyds of London.

Garden Fireworks
Self fire & D.I.Y packs

We pride ourselves in the construction of “tailor made” firework packages for the client to fire themselves. This allows you to put more of your budget into your firework display and experience at first hand the excitement of firing your own show. We are happy to help in all aspects of design and safety and guide you so that your firework display is effective, safe and memorable.

We are suppliers of fireworks, big and small perfect for firing off in your garden for fireworks day this year. No matter you budget, you can find something to amaze you family and friends. Pop into our shop this fireworks period and browse our huge selection!

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Fireworks can be a valuable resource for all business sponsorship and Pyroman Fireworks Co. can offer a flexible approach to the display planning and design. We are able to create and design promotional images, logos or stunning centre pieces to add exciting dimensions to an evenings entertainment.

Special Occasions

To make that special occasion a memorable one, many people are now turning to firework displays. A colour spectacular such as this puts the finishing touch to a memorable day and will be talked about for a long time after.

Young and old alike will be enthralled by the extravaganze – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth to be effective.


Fireworks are the finest expression of a celebration. Whenever a big co-operative occasion involving a considerable number of people is mounted, fireworks mean everyone can enjoy the fun, giving a spectacular breath taking opening or colourful finale.


Displays for that special day. The nature of firework entertainment works well for all events, domestic and private.

Let us tailor make your display, large or small. We welcome your suggestions. A red shell burst for Ruby Wedding Anniversary. Or a Silver and Gold spray for a Christening for example!

A New Year

The Chinese have been celebrating New Years for centuries with fireworks. It is time to experience the wealth and happiness of the year to come with all your friends and relatives.

Get your New Year a start it deserves, for all your guests and follow in an age-old tradition. No matter how large or small your firework there is never a better time to express yourself with pyrotechnics

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